Sewer Jet Hose

  • Italian made Sewer Jet Hose with super-tight bend radius for ease of use and re-coiling onto spools.
  • Pin-pricked anti-abrasion polyurethane cover with two layers of braided high-resistance synthetic fibers and a polyethylene-based liner.

* Note Available in 150 Mtr Rolls with Male/Female ends or in continuous lengths

Sewer Jet Hose


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Code Size Working Pressure (bar) Burst Pressure (bar) Min Bend Radius (mm) Tube ID (mm) Tube OD (mm) Quantity
MT-WP19050F 1/2" 200 500 80mm 13mm 22.5mm
MT-WP19050G 5/8" 200 500 90mm 16.4mm 25.0mm
MT-WP19050H 3/4" 200 500 100mm 19.5mm 31.0mm
MT-WP19050I 1" 200 500 150mm 25.2mm 38.5mm