WAM Roiter Abrasion-Resistant Boom Vacuum Hose

Applications: heavy-duty materials handling hose, specially designed for severe pressure or suction service in mining, quarries, building sites, for handling and transfer of bulk, slurries, cement, gravel, and other abrasive materials under pressure or vacuum.

  • Tube: black synthetic rubber (static-dissipating/static-conductive)
  • Cover: black SBR (corrugated) cloth impression
  • Temperature range: -32C - 82C

WAM Roiter Abrasion-Resistant Boom Vacuum Hose


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Code ID Size (mm) ID Size (Imp.) Working Pressure (bar) Coil Length(s) (m) Wall Thickness (mm) Min Bend Radius (mm) Quantity
WAMR-AB500-102 102mm 4" 10bar 40m 13mm 480mm
WAMR-AB500-127 127mm 5" 10bar 40m 15mm 600mm
WAMR-AB500-152 152mm 6" 10bar 40m 16mm 700mm
WAMR-AB500-203 203mm 8" 10bar 40m 16mm 1200mm