Wet Exhaust Double Hump Hose

Purosil Silicone Wet Exhaust Hump Hoses are rated to SAE J2006 R3 and feature multi-ply polyester reinforcement. Finished in a bright glossy blue. Maximum temperature 180 degrees C.

Min Working Temp (C): -54
Max Working Temp (C): +177
Tube Material: Silicone
Reinforcement: 4-ply Silicone Polyester
Cover Material: Silicone

Material: Silicone

Wet Exhaust Double Hump Hose


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Code Length (mm) ID Size (mm) Quantity
PU-D2242-0400 355 102
PU-D2242-0500 355 127
PU-D2262-0600 355 152
PU-D2262-0800 355 203
PU-D2262-1000 355 254
PU-D2262-1200 355 305