180° Silicone Bend

- 4-ply silicone polyester reinforced configuration.
- Not recommended for use with oil and fuel
- UV and ozone resistant.

Min Working Temp (C): -60
Max Working Temp (C): +180
Tube Material: Silicone
Reinforcement: 4-ply Silicone Polyester
Cover Material: Silicone

Also available in black (BK).

180° Silicone Bend


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Code Size Quantity
UR-180-013 13mm
UR-180-013BK 13mm (black)
UR-180-013P 13mm (pink)
UR-180-016 16mm
UR-180-016BK 16mm (black)
UR-180-016P 16mm (pink)
UR-180-019 19mm