Gates Cellarmaster - Light

Cellar Master Light Hose is ideal for transferring wine or other water-based products requiring an FDA sanitary hose. It is up to 20% lighter in weight than premium Cellar Master wine handling hose. In addtion to being easy to handle, Gates Cellar Mater Light Hose is highly flexible and extremely durable, while also being crush and kink resistant. These features reduce the difficulties of transporting, positioning, and storing transfer hoses used in the winemaking process.

Min Working Temp (C): -40
Max Working Temp (C): 100
Tube Material: White S Sanitron Rubber
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile cord with monofilament helix
Cover Material: White P EPDM Rubber

Gates Cellarmaster - Light


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Code ID Size (mm) OD Size (mm) Working Pressure (psi) Suction (mm Hg) Min Bend Radius (mm) Mass (g/m) Quantity
3132-0172 51 64 150 381 305 1429
3132-0174 76 95 150 381 508 3170