Swivel Male Run Tee - BSP Thread


  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Suitable for air or inert gases
  • Superior flow characteristics

Swivel Male Run Tee - BSP Thread


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Code Size OD Size (mm) Quantity
PM110411E 1/8" (thread) 4mm
PM110412E 1/4" (thread) 4mm
PM110511E 1/8" (thread) 5mm
PM110512E 1/4" (thread) 5mm
PM110611E 1/8" (thread) 6mm
PM110612E 1/4" (thread) 6mm
PM110811E 1/8" (thread) 8mm
PM110812E 1/4" (thread) 8mm
PM110813E 3/8" (thread) 8mm
PM111012E 1/4" (thread) 10mm
PM111013E 3/8" (thread) 10mm
PM111014E 1/2" (thread) 10mm
PM111213E 3/8" (thread) 12mm
PM111214E 1/2" (thread) 12mm