Pyro Jacket

Protect hoses and cables from external heat sources. The special silicone coating is filled with "iron oxide" does not allow the adhesion or molten particles, resins or other products that when hardening on the outer surface of the hose could affect operation and cause breakage. Pyrojacket withstands 206°C continuous, 1090°C for 20 minutes and 1640°C for 30 seconds.

Protect workers from burns or burns from accidental contact with hoses, operating at high temperatures. They also protect workers from respiratory and skin infections due to contact with traditional uncoated fibreglass insulation.

Pyro Jacket


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Code Size (mm) Quantity
WAMPJS013 13
WAMPJS022 22
WAMPJS025 25
WAMPJS032 32
WAMPJS041 41
WAMPJS051 51
WAMPJS064 64