Spiralite 2000 Suction Hose

Spiralite 2000 EPDM Rubber Suction Hose is a premium heavy duty suction hose designed for a wide range of applications.This hose has a smooth bore Black EPDM Rubber Tube with a Natural Polyethylene Helix exterior for ease of handling and increased flexibility.This hose has excellent wear and abrasion resistance for slurries and dry material handling.

Min Working Temp: -35°C
Max Working Temp: +60°C
Tube Material: EPDM Rubber
Reinforcement: Natural Polyethylene

Spiralite 2000 Suction Hose


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Code Size (mm) Working Pressure (psi) Vacuum (m/H20) Min Bend Radius (mm) Burst Pressure (psi) Quantity
PE-R2000-050 50 60 28 in/Hg 9" 180
PE-R2000-063 63 50 28 in/Hg 11" 150
PE-R2000-075 75 50 28 in/Hg 12" 150
PE-R2000-100 100 45 28 in/Hg 17" 135